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What have our customers said about our products?

David Yu, EVO Magazine - London, England

"I have to say I am very pleased with my Difflow 5 Element Rear Diffuser. I gave it to Valet Magic to fit as they have a GT-R friendly double-post lift in their workshop and are familiar with taking panels off GT-R's. Apparently it was a straight forward job and the result is great I think. I like the contrast between the satin painted black aluminum and the matte wrapped carbon fiber of the Knight Racer Valence. So provided your aftermarket rear valence allows the retention of the stock under-diffuser panel, it can accommodate the Difflow Diffuser. Beautiful made." ('09 Nissan GT-R)

Karl - Orlando, Florida

"The Difflow Diffuser is a work of art. If you are in the market for an aftermarket diffuser, get Difflow. The alignment of all the holes was better than factory." ('07 Lotus Exige)

Chris - Suffolk, England

"It balances out the rear downforce quite nicely at speed. I am running the Do Luck splitter and always felt that the balance was changed for the worse for very high speed bends. Not anymore though. At high speed in the wet over the ton the GT-R now generates a tornado like vapor trail sucking everything up from the road. My mate was following me on his bike and over about 75 on the back roads of Suffolk he had to pull back as it was sucking up all the stones, dirt and dust from the road. I've done 2 track days at Woodbridge including some high speed work and definitely felt it made a difference." ('09 Nissan GT-R)

Steven - Placentia, California

"I got the diffuser and installed in 15 minutes. Looks AWESOME! I am also running a large motorsports wing with some adjustable height stands. Based on some very preliminary runs, it looks like the wing is grabbing more of the clean air generated by this larger diffuser and it is actually beneficial now for me to take the wing height all the way down to its lowest position. Greater downforce with less drag, and a wing closer to the body line of the car doesn't look to shabby either!" ('06 Lotus Exige)

Darrin - Piqua, Ohio

"I got my diffuser yesterday, it installed like the stock diffuser and had it on in about 10 mins. I have my Ohlin's set fairly soft due to the back roads that I run on. I can feel the car being sucked down at around 90mph. I normally only go to 120MPH + on nice roads, but I thought I would try it and got up to 129MPH on a bouncer back road with complete confidence compared to without it. I'm sold and now a proud owner!" ('05 Lotus Elise)

Amber - Lake Jackson, TX

"It finishes the aero package nicely: Difflow Diffuser + CF Exige Splitter + CF Canards + Reverie 1650mm wing. The Diffuser weighed in at 12.6lbs versus 6.4lbs for the stock diffuser. I've lowered my ride height by 10mm, so the diffuser is 4.25" from the ground. It's still very drivable. I have a 3.5" lip where my driveway drops off to the city street; it takes care but I can clear easily without scraping." ('06 Lotus Exige)

You can easily improve your vehicle's stability, traction and reduce your coefficient of drag with a Difflow - High Performance Diffuser for YOUR car just as these drivers have! Make a Diffuser your next upgrade!

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