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  • Fits '05-'10 Elise and '06+ Exige
  • Seals up the gap next to the rear wheels, reducing drag
  • 30 minute installation
  • Built from Aircraft-Grade Aluminum and Powdercoated Satin Black
  • Weighs less than 1LBS (0.5KG) per set
  • Attach with rivets or 3M double-sided tape
  • Aeroplates do not touch or compromise suspension wheel movement
  • A must-have for any track racer or autocrosser


Lotus left 2 large gaps next to the rear wheels. Those gaps allow air to get trapped above the diffuser and cause drag, similar to the way a parachute works. Difflow's Undertray Aeroplates seal up those gaps and keep the air below the car so it can be channeled properly to the diffuser, reducing drag.

Undertray Aeroplates for Lotus Elise & Exige

  • Weight: <1LBS

    Cutting/Drilling: None

    Compatibility: 2005-2010 Elise, 2006+ Exige and Cup Car

    Description: Seal up your suspension cutouts in the undertray and diffuser by installing our Aeroplates. Teh aeroplates prevent air from traveling into the suspension cutout and causing excess drag. Installing the aerioplates will reduce drag and improve lap times and gas mileage. A secret weapon!


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