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This is our 6-Fin Railer (Jr.) Rear Diffuser Kit for Tesla Model 3! 


  • This kit is compatible with 2019+ Model 3
  • Kit includes 6 Fins and mounting hardware to attach to factory undertray
  • WARNING - This kit has sharp corners on the fins that are somewhat low to the ground and prone to scraping. If you are even slightly concerned about this, please consider our "Rounded Fin Kit" for Tesla Model 3, as it is designed with this issue in mind!
  • Note -- Piano Black variant is pictured above


Our all-new Tesla Model 3 Railer (Jr.) Fin Kit is the perfect solution to the Tesla Model 3's unique situation -- the bottom of the car is already completely flat. Your typical combustion-engine vehicle has many different pockets in which air can be trapped around the driveshaft, exhaust, engine, transmission, etc. and requires a full-bodied diffuser to keep air flowing underneath these potential air traps and fins to direct air out of the rear of the car, reducing rear-end swirl and getting rid of drag. The Model 3's flush underside allows for additional effeciency that can be taken to the extreme. Now a full-bodied diffuser is not required, and weight can be reduced further by only adding fins and excluding the rest. Get the same functionality and the same aggressive look without the extra weight!


Pick up our Railer (Jr.) Fin Kit for the most efficient, weight-reduced diffuser solution on the market and enable your Model 3 to slip through the air like a theif in the night!

Tesla Model 3 Railer (Jr.) Fin Kit

  • Weight: 2.5 LBS

    Cutting/Drilling Required: Outer 2 fins bolt on with factory bolts, inner 4 fins drill into plastic undertray

    Compatibility: 2019+ Tesla Model 3, all variants

    Description: Give your Model 3 an aggressive look that increases your car's aerodynamic efficiency without negating the effects by adding too much weight!


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