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Direct OEM replacement for '05-'10 Elise and '06+ Exige

Comes WITH or WITHOUT exhaust hole cutout (Specify Below)

No drilling or modication required

15 minute installation

Built from Aircraft-Grade Aluminum and Powdercoated Satin Black

Weighs only 9.9LBS (4.5KG)

Stronger and thicker than OEM undertray to handle curb rash and track abuse

FAQ about this diffuser

The #1 Best Selling Diffuser on the market for the Elise & Exige


Diffuser body is 2 inches (5cm) longer than OEM diffuser. Fins sit 5 inches (12.5cm) off the ground on stock suspension. Fins run parallel to the ground and extend forward to the undertray to channel air properly out the rear of the car. This reduces drag and improves downforce. Rounded fins match the curves and lines of the Lotus and also provide slightly better clearance than other diffusers.

(NOTE: This product DOES NOT fit the rare S260 variant of the Exige)

5-Element Rounded Rear Diffuser for Lotus Elise & Exige

  • Weight: 10LBS

    Cutting/Drilling: None

    Compatibility: 2005-2010 Elise, 2006+ Exige and Cup Car

    Description: Our longer diffuser body and added diffuser fins provide proper air channeling and guidance. The fins also extend all the way up to the undertray to channel high-pressure air out sooner. Comes with or without an exhaus hole cutout and fits with any exhaust on the market!


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